About Us

The Miracle League North Bay started with a group of impassioned parents, athletes, business leaders and sports fans.  In 2015, Phoebe Ellis was traveling back east in Wisconsin and was introduced to a Miracle League.  Excited by the concept, when she returned to California she shared what she saw with Jen Richardson who has a son with special needs.  Jen and Phoebe were determined to bring a Miracle League to the Bay Area.  Together they looked at numerous city options and decided that was perfectly positioned to offer such a magical offering to the special needs community.  The Petaluma location is less than 40 miles from more than 50,000 children with disabilities.  Opening the Miracle League to Sonoma, Napa, Marin, San Francisco, Solano, Contra Costa, and Alameda Counties.
Jen and Phoebe knew they needed expertise from the construction field to make their dream a reality and pulled in Alicia Hansel and John Busick.  Together these four individuals are spearheading the creation of a Miracle League baseball field and playground to the Bay Area.  The Miracle League North Bay board currently consists of Jen Richardson, Phoebe Ellis, Alicia Hansel and John Busick.   If you click on “Our Board” you can learn more about our board members.   
Moving forward in bringing the miracle to light, so many wonderful people have stepped forward to provide their assistance, expertise and donations.  Please click on “Our Advisors“, “Our Partners” and “Our Donors” to learn more.
Would you like to be a part of bringing this Miracle to the Bay Area?  Donate your time, expertise or funds to Miracle League.  Please contact Jen Richardson at 415-336-9277 or email info@MiracleLeague.com